Discover The Power of Light Fixtures with UV Blockers


Lighting has evolved beyond its traditional functionality of illumination. Now, light fixtures not only illumines our spaces, they also serve decorative purposes, and even more excitingly, health protection purposes. Today, we are focusing on one of these advanced features of modern light fixtures – UV blocking technology, particularly, fixtures designed with efficient LED Lights.

You may be wondering why UV blockers are relevant to light fixtures. UV, short for ultraviolet light, is a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes naturally from the sun. While a certain amount of UV exposure helps the body produce Vitamin D, excessive UV radiation is not healthy. This is why UV blocking technology is essential, even in indoor spaces.

What Are UV Blockers in Light Fixtures?

UV blockers are components integrated into light fixtures to reduce or eliminate the emission of UV radiation. In LED Lights, the integration of UV blockers often happens at the stage of manufacturing. Many manufacturers now offer LED light fixtures designed with UV blocking components as a protective measure against potential risks from radiation.

These light fixtures do an exceptional job in illuminating your space without posing any unwanted risks linked to UV exposure. They are effective, safe and becoming increasingly common in various light fixture choices, from pendant lights to chandeliers.

The Benefits of LED Lights with UV Blockers

One of the most enduring factors drawing people to light fixtures with UV blockers is the health protection they offer. UV radiation, especially the UVA and UVB forms, is linked to skin cancers, cataracts, and premature skin aging. A light fixture with UV Blockers reduces your exposure to harmful radiation, even as it lights up your space.

Additionally, UV light can also cause damage to materials. It can lead to the fading of artwork, textiles and furniture, with colours progressively losing their vibrancy over time. UV blockers in light fixtures can help preserve the aesthetic integrity of your items, enhancing their lifespan.

Further, LED Lights are known for their energy efficiency. They consume less electricity than traditional lights, are long-lasting, and produce less heat. Thus, the addition of UV blockers to LED light fixtures doubles the advantages for users, providing both health protection and energy efficiency.

Incorporating UV Blockers in your Home's Lighting: Practical Tips

Selecting suitable UV blocking light fixture requires attention to factors such as the space's function, the desired aesthetic, and importantly, the quality of the light fixture.

When considering light fixtures for rooms with functions that expose materials to light for extended periods, UV blocking technology becomes essential. These rooms might include art studios, living rooms, libraries, kitchens, and any space displaying valuable items that could fade under non-UV blocked light. Our blog, transforming your space with lighting, offers a more in-depth guide to choosing light fixtures by space functionalities.

Additionally, for decorative light fixtures such as chandeliers, color choice can impact the room's mood and ambiance. Our blogs on the meaning behind your lighting choices and enhancing your space and mood provide pertinent information on how color works with lighting in setting the suitable mood for your space.

When choosing a UV blocking light fixture, it’s also essential to ensure you’re choosing high-quality LED lights. LED Lights with UV Blockers are not all made equal. Quality fixtures are generally more effective in UV blocking and energy efficiency. Our guide to choosing light provides a more comprehensive look at this.


Light fixtures with UV blockers are an innovative solution to the age-old problem of protecting ourselves and our belongings from harmful UV radiation. Beyond illumination, our devices now contribute to the safeguarding of health and preservation of cherished items. The additional benefit of LED lights, in terms of energy efficiency, makes this choice an all-around advantage for lighting up spaces. As technology advances, we look forward to seeing what more innovations the world of lighting will bring to our homes and lives. Let there be light – safe, healthy, and efficient light!


What is a UV light blocker?

A UV light blocker is a component integrated into light fixtures designed to reduce or essentially nullify the emission of ultraviolet radiation. It helps protect against the potentially harmful effects of prolonged UV exposure.

What lights have no UV?

LED lights do not produce UV radiation and are thus considered UV-free. Incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights emit a small amount of UV radiation, but LED lights are 100% safe in this respect. When you choose LED lights with UV blockers, you ensure an extra layer of protection, even though LED lights are already UV-free.

Is there such a thing as a UV LED light?

Yes, UV LED lights do exist. They are specifically designed to emit light in the UV spectrum and are used in applications such as UV curing, medical therapy, or forensic investigations. However, these are different from conventional LED lights used in homes, and they are not recommended for regular household use due to potential health risks of over-exposure to UV radiation. It's crucial to ensure that the light fixtures you choose for your home or office are standard LED lights, preferably with UV blockers for optimum safety and health protection.

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