Enhance Your Outdoor Space With Lantern Pendants


Outdoor spaces are an extension of your indoor living area, available to offer you a place of respite, serenity, and an avenue for social engagement. One element that can significantly influence the ambiance of these areas is lighting, particularly, outdoor lantern pendants. This unique décor can transform lifeless spaces into impressive realms for entertainment and relaxation at sundown. Let's unravel the charm of these lighting options and how to effectively incorporate them into your outdoor spaces.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Lantern Pendants

Selecting the right outdoor lights for your space goes beyond what appeals to the eyes. It's a strategic process that considers factors such as design, purpose, location, and the environment. Outdoor lantern pendants are versatile, stylish, and come in various designs, sizes, and materials, each providing unique lighting effects. Brass, aluminum, and copper are common materials. Pendants with glass enclosures are perfect for a bright illumination, while metal fixtures offer a gorgeous play of light and shadow, creating interesting patterns and ambiances.

Benefits and Functionality of Lantern Pendants

Outdoor pendants are not limited to mere decorative roles. They perform several other functions:

  1. Ambient Lighting - Lantern pendants provide widespread illumination, making them ideal for creating captivating nighttime landscapes.
  2. Task Lighting - For those evenings when you want to dine al fresco or play cards on the patio, a brighter pendant light serves as perfect task lighting.
  3. Accent Lighting - Some lanterns are designed to focus light on a particular area, highlighting features like plantings and architectural elements such as columns or archways.
  4. Safe Navigation - Suspended at entrances, pathways, or on patio, pendants can guide movement in the dark, ultimately bolstering safety.

Incorporating Outdoor Lantern Pendants

Investing in outdoor lights is one thing; installing them appropriately to get the desired effect is another. Here are some tips:

  1. Height - Pendants should be hung high enough for people to walk under comfortably. Remember, too high and you lose the intimate setting, too low, and it can obstruct views and disrupt conversations.
  2. Layered lighting – Don't just rely on the lantern pendant lighting. Consider pairing them with other light sources like sconces and garden lights to create a layered look.
  3. Multiple Pendants - Depending on your outdoor space's size and design, you may want to hang more than one pendant. Be careful not to overcrowd the space; maintain a balance.
  4. Use Dimmers - Depending on the occasion and mood, a dimmer can help you control the output of the lantern, offering versatile options.


Choosing the right model from our extensive collection of outdoor lantern pendants will beautify your space and provide functionality. Go beyond traditional lighting fixtures, and opt for these attractive lighting solutions that improve your outdoor space in many ways. Explore our range of patio lighting and outdoor lantern pendants to discover the perfect match for your outdoor space.

Remember, these outdoor fixtures do not only set the mood for your gatherings but are also a welcoming sight for your guests. Invest in outdoor lantern pendants and transform your outdoor experience. Navigate night time outdoor activities with beauty and style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Pendant Lights Outside?

Absolutely! Outdoor pendant lights are specially designed to withstand the elements while providing ambient lighting for your outdoor spaces. They are perfect for patios, porches, outdoor kitchens, gazebos and any other outdoor space that needs a source of light and a touch of style. Ensure that any outdoor lighting fixture, including pendant lights, are rated for outdoor use.

Can Indoor Pendant Lights Be Used Outdoors?

You should not use indoor pendant lights outdoors unless marked for dual indoor/outdoor usage. Outdoor lighting is designed with materials that can withstand various weather conditions, while indoor lights lack this feature. Always check the product information to ensure safety and durability.

What do Pendant Lights Hang From?

Pendant lights are hung from the ceiling using a chain, cord, or a metal rod, often known as a downrod. The hanging mechanism is typically anchored to a base—referred to as a canopy—that is mounted to the ceiling.

How Big Should Front Porch Hanging Light Be?

The size of your front porch hanging light should be determined by the size of your space. A good rule is to make sure the light’s height is around 1/3 the height of the door and its width is not more than 1/4 the door's width. Furthermore, consider the lighting's purpose as larger fixtures emit more light. However, if your porch is large, you might want to consider using two or more smaller pendant lights to create a balanced look.

Your lighting choices can make a big difference in creating a welcoming and stylish outdoor space. Explore our diverse collection of outdoor lights and patio lighting to find the ideal fixtures that complement your style and meet your lighting goals.

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