Festive Light Styles Around the World: An Illuminated Journey


As darkness falls and the night starts to spread its mysterious cloak, magnificent festivals around the world kick into high gear, using brilliant lights to transform the mundane into the magical. Querencian.com invites you to embark on a vibrant voyage exploring diverse "Festive Light Styles Around the World". Witness how different cultures artfully apply lighting to make their celebrations truly memorable.

1. Luminous Transitions: Evocative Lighting in Diwali, India

The Indian festival of Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is an absolute spectacle of lights. For five whole days, India is ignited with millions of tiny lamps and lanterns, truly embodying its colloquial title – "the festival of lights". These clay lamps, or 'diyas', are traditionally filled with oil and wick, and then lit to dispel the darkness and welcome prosperity.

Electric lights have also made their way to the festival, with decorative strings of bulbs twisted around every conceivable structure. Ceiling lights and pendants glow radiantly in homes, shops, and temples, their luminescence cutting through the obsidian-dark skies, declaring a time of joy and togetherness.

2. Serene Lanterns: Vesak Day in South East Asia

In contrast to Diwali’s luminosity, Vesak Day in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam is a quieter affair. It commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of Gautama Buddha with lanterns in various shapes and sizes, each carrying a candle within.

The Lotus Lantern festival in Korea is also a sight to behold. Parades are adorned with intricate lanterns of vibrant colors; flamboyant dragons, delicate flowers, and meditating Buddhas create a visual feast. Many of these are handcrafted lighting fixtures which showcase the mastery of skilled artisans.

3. Brilliant Parades: Mardi Gras and Carnival’s Extravagant Lighting

For Carnival and Mardi Gras spectators, nothing rivals the experience of being engulfed in a sea of vibrant lights, sequins, and feathers. Elaborate chandeliers hang from floats, twirling playfully in response to the rhythmic music. From Brazil to New Orleans, the Carnivals showcase a myriad spectacle of excellent craftsmanship on a grand scale. Lighting forms a significant aspect of these parades, becoming an essential part of the extravagant performances.

4. Homes of Light: Christmas Around the World

Undoubtedly, Christmas has a special place in the lighting world. From modest strings of lights wrapping cozy homes to grand lighting displays seen on city streets, they create an intimate and cozy mood that's hard to resist. Charming chandeliers become the heart of the home, creating a warm and inviting effect that captures the spirit of the season.

Nordic countries relish in minimalistic designs, often with white lights. In contrast, America goes all out with vivacious colorful chandeliers and displays full of personality.

5. Artful Illumination: Mid-Autumn Festival, China

Mid-Autumn Festival in China has its unique charm, where traditional paper lanterns illuminate the night. Children carry small lanterns and wander around parks and streets. Meanwhile, adults enjoy lantern exhibitions showcasing enormous structures with intricate details, from mythical creatures to historical landmarks, all emitting a beautiful, soft, ethereal glow.

Presently, modern techniques have ushered an era of innovative designs. Intricate sceneries created using silk and LED lights are a common sight, capturing the magic of the festivity in an incredible display of light and color.

6. Radiant Adhan: Ramadan in Islamic World

During Ramadan, the Islamic World shines with festive lights and lanterns, enhancing the spirit of tranquility and devotion. Egyptians use Fanoos, intricate lanterns with colorful designs, creating a mystical ambiance. City streets are adorned with decorative lighting, providing a captivating backdrop to the month of fasting and prayer.

Festive lighting paints a captivating picture of cultural diversity around the world, proving that no matter the occasion, our propensity to adorn celebrations with light is a universal joy. As we have journeyed around the world, we hope that these illuminating customs have inspired you not just to appreciate the beauty of global festivity but also see the potential for creating such magical transformations in your own space. Whether you're seeking vibrant table lamps or enchanting sconces, Querencian.com offers a range of lighting solutions perfect for any celebration. Don't miss exploring our collections and blogs for design ideas that will bring an extra sparkle to your festivities.

Questions about Festive Lighting Around the World

What are festive lights called?

Festive lights can be referred to by many names, depending on the culture and the type of celebration. In India, during the festival of Diwali, they are known as ‘diyas’ or ‘deepams’. Meanwhile, Egyptians refer to their Ramadan lights as 'Fanoos'. During Christmas, they're often simply called 'Christmas lights' or 'fairy lights'.

Which country has the best Christmas lights?

Defining the best Christmas lights largely comes down to personal preferences, as each country has its unique style. Lighting celebrations range from the home-based tastefully understated white lights appreciated in Nordic countries to the grand and elaborate displays in the United States. Australia's Sydney Road in Melbourne holds the Guinness World Record for the largest display of Christmas lights with over 1.2 million LED lights.

What are the traditional Christmas lights?

Traditionally, Christmas lights were incandescent mini lights, small, white or colored bulbs strung on a wire. These still hold a nostalgic charm for many. Today, LED lights have gained massive popularity due to their energy efficiency, durability, and diversity in colours and shapes.

Where is the biggest display of Christmas lights in the world?

The biggest display of Christmas lights is in Canberra, Australia. This spectacular accomplishment was achieved by David Richards in 2014, setting the Guinness World Record with an impressive installation of over 1.2 million individual LED lights.

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