Illuminate Your Spaces with Lantern-Style Hanging Lights


Lantern-style hanging lights, with their timeless allure and elegance, have been spectacularly reinventing modern interiors and exteriors. These unique lighting fixtures have the potential to transform your spaces into a charming oasis, juxtaposing ancient artistry with the contemporary.

When you inject a dose of elegant, vintage-like lantern-style lighting into your home, the outcome is breathtaking. From illuminating your cozy living rooms to creating welcoming environments in your outdoor spaces, these timeless pieces from our outdoor lights collection can do it all.

Lantern Style Hanging Lights – The Timeless Choice

Lantern-style lights owe their origin to yesteryears when they were used traditionally in homes, farms, and on streets. By design, these lights embody a classic touch that can instantly create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any setting. They are versatile pieces that blend seamlessly with modern, traditional, or rustic themes, depending on their design and finish.

A lantern-style hanging light comes in various designs - from gridded lanterns to glass paneled types. Whether you want a decorative addition to complement your hallway or an eye-catching fixture to brighten your patio, these lights serve multiple purposes.

Outdoor Lights: Lantern-Style Lighting for Your Outdoor Spaces

As we are spending more time at home, beautifying our personal spaces has become more critical than ever. One cannot underestimate the transformative potential of the right lighting. Let’s explore how these lights can redefine the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

Setting an Inviting Ambiance with Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Outdoor spaces, when properly lit, not only feel welcoming but also add an extra layer of security. An outdoor lantern-style hanging light is an excellent option for anyone looking to blend functionality with style. Its warm, diffused light massively uplifts the ambiance, creating an inviting space for your evening get-togethers.

Illuminating Patios and Decks

Lantern-style hanging lights are an enchanting addition to patios and decks. They help create a well-lit outdoor area where you can relax or entertain guests. Whether you're hosting a barbeque party or enjoying a quiet evening with a book, the soft, warm glow from the lantern, especially if you choose environmentally-friendly LED lights, makes the experience a memorable one.

Adding Personality to Your Outdoor Spaces

The intricate design and classic appeal of lantern-style outdoor lights can redefine the aesthetics of your home exterior. You can even have a lighting fixture overhaul in your foyer area, making a grand statement that will leave your guests impressed even as they enter your home.

Harnessing the Charm of Indoor Lantern-Style Lighting

Don’t confine the beauty of these lantern-style lights to your outdoor spaces only. They can create equally mesmerizing effects inside your home. Here's how you can illuminate your interior spaces using lantern-style hanging lights.

Creating a Statement in the Living Room

Hanging lantern-style lights in your living room can create an appealing focal point, and add a refined, sophisticated touch to the decor. Select from the stunning options available in our chandelier collection.

Ensuring Aesthetic Uniformity

One of the significant benefits of choosing lantern style hanging lights is their versatility in design and finish. If you have a modernistic style, you can opt for clean-lined lantern lights from our Metropolitan collection.

Enhancing Dining Spaces

Dining spaces demand a vibrant yet calming ambiance. Lantern-style hanging lights with dimmers can mimic candle light, making your dining experience a charming affair.

Illumination using Environmentally Friendly Lantern-Style Hanging Lights

At, we promote sustainable and eco-focused living. Make a smarter choice by opting for lantern-style LED lights. They not only cut down on the energy consumption but are also highly durable.

Replace your traditional lighting fixtures with long-lasting LED light bulbs to enjoy ambient, cost-effective lighting.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Lantern-Style Hanging Lights

Maintaining these ceiling lights involves periodic cleaning to keep their glow intact. Feel free to check our guide on cleaning light fixtures.

In essence, lantern-style hanging lights can infuse an indefinable touch of grace into your spaces, beautifully binding the old-world charm with the new. These lights are not merely functional pieces but also an artistic expression, providing a glimpse into your aesthetic leanings. Embrace these luminous marvels and transform your home into a haven of warmth and elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for hanging pendant lights?

Hanging pendant lights involves more than mere placement. Here are a few rules to ensure you hit the right chord:

  • The bottom of the pendant light should be about 30 to 36 inches above the countertop or table surface for kitchen islands. This allows for a clear line of sight and convenient conversation.
  • Pendant lights hung in open spaces (like the living room or foyer) should hang at least 7 feet above the floor to allow head clearance.
  • Consider the scale of the pendant light in relation to the space. For larger rooms or areas, larger fixtures are preferable, whereas for small spaces, opt for smaller or mini-pendants.

Are lantern lights out of style?

Lantern lights are timeless pieces that never really go out of style. Their classic appeal blends effortlessly with various décor styles, from rustic to contemporary. With the right placement and selection, these lights can serve as a charming addition to your space. With modern advancements, contemporary designs of lantern lights are available, which keep them trendy and stylish.

How high do you hang a lantern?

The height to hang a lantern depends on its location and purpose. For outdoor spaces, lanterns should be hung at the eye level when viewed from afar; about 60 to 66 inches from the floor would suffice. For indoors, lanterns hung over tables or kitchen islands should have a clearance of approximately 30 to 36 inches from the surface of the table or counter.

Can you hang a light from a roof lantern?

While it is technically possible to hang a light from a roof lantern, careful consideration is needed. It's crucial to ensure the light does not obstruct the view from the roof lantern and that it complements its design and purpose. It's also vital to consider the strength of the roof lantern structure before hanging any light fixture. It is recommended to always consult a professional when considering such installations.

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