Illuminating The Outdoors: A Comprehensive Guide To Outdoor Wall Sconce Lighting


An integral part of designing beautiful homes involves making strategic yet aesthetically appealing choices for the outdoors. One such crucial element that can dramatically transform your external area, especially during the evening, is outdoor wall sconce lighting. Offering both functionality and a sense of elegance, these outdoor lights add an aura of sophistication to your home's exterior.

Enhancing Exteriors With Outdoor Wall Sconce Lighting

Outdoor wall sconce lighting is not just about functionality; it also considerably increases the curb appeal of your property. Wall sconces are installed onto the walls and exude a charming light that adds a welcoming glow to your home's exterior. Not only they are perfect for enhancing security, but they also create a perfect ambiance for a pleasant outdoor gathering.

Despite their beautiful illumination, people often overlook the importance of outdoor lights. They are vital since, in their absence, the home could look dull and unattractive. Hence, a well-planned design for outdoor wall sconce lighting can transform the ordinary to extraordinary.

Type of Outdoor Wall Sconces

Like interior lights that come in varied options, outdoor sconces lighting options are immense. Some popular options include:

  • Lantern-style sconces: These are traditional and bring out an old-world charm if that's your home décor theme.
  • Modern sconces: The choice for many contemporary homes, they include designs with clean lines that give it a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • Motion sensor sconces: Perfect for entryways and backyards, they light up when movement is detected, ensuring safety and security.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Wall Sconce Lighting

Selecting the perfect outdoor lights can sometimes be a daunting task due to the plethora of options available. To help you narrow down, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Size: Make sure to measure the wall space before purchasing wall sconces. Outdoor sconces should neither be too big nor too small for the area where they are installed.
  • Style: Choose a style that complements your home's exterior design. It should harmonize with your home's aesthetic and not clash with it.
  • Illumination: Consider the type of illumination the sconce would provide. Warm illumination creates a cozy environment, while bright light ensures better visibility and security.
  • Material: Outdoor lights should be durable and weather-resistant since they are exposed to varying climatic conditions. Materials like brass, copper, and stainless steel are often preferred.

Installation and Maintenance of Outdoor Wall Sconce Lighting

Proper installation of outdoor sconce lighting is crucial for both aesthetic and functionality purposes. It is usually recommended to install them at eye level. However, this is open to interpretation, especially depending on the functionality. You can check out our blog on proper ceiling light installation for further insights.

Apart from installation, maintenance of these lights is equally crucial. Cleaning regularly and replacing any damaged parts are essential steps to maintain the longevity of your outdoor lights.


Outdoor wall sconce lighting can dramatically transform your exteriors, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functional. By taking into consideration factors like size, style, illumination, and material, you can choose the perfect outdoor lights that reflect your home's character and charm. You can explore our lovely collection of outdoor lighting and sconces to find the perfect lighting solution for your home.

Whether you wish to create a soothing ambiance for a quiet evening or aim to enhance the security of your home, the right choice of outdoor wall sconce lighting can seamlessly fulfill your desires while complimenting your home’s exterior design magnificently. Make the best lighting choices and let your home shine in the best light, quite literally!

For further discussions on lighting solutions, feel free to explore our other informative articles about adjustable reading lights, impact of blue light exposure and dimmable LED bulb options. Happy lighting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the outdoor lighting trend in 2023?

The trend for outdoor lighting in 2023 leans towards customizable, efficient, and elegant designs. 'Smart' outdoor lights, integrated with intelligent technologies that conserve energy and can be controlled remotely, are catching on. Simultaneously, designs that incorporate natural elements or add a vintage touch are favored by those seeking a timeless charm.

Can a sconce be outside?

Yes, a sconce can indeed be installed outside, provided it's specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor wall sconces are sealed and constructed with weather-resistant materials to withstand varying climatic conditions. It's always advisable to check if the fixture is rated for outdoor use before purchasing.

What are outdoor wall lights called?

Outdoor wall lights are typically referenced as sconces. However, they can also be referred to by other names, such as outdoor wall lanterns, wall-mounted lights, or patio wall lights, depending on their design and the context they are used in.

What type of wall sconce gives the most light?

Down-lighting wall sconces often provide the most light, illuminating a larger area on the ground. However, the brightness level also depends on the bulb's power or lumen output used in the fixture. Using fixtures with built-in reflectors can also help increase light efficiency. For more details on the different types of bulbs, you may read our article on dimmable LED bulb options.

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