Making Space with Shimmer: Transforming Interiors with Pendant Lights


Creating the illusion of a larger space is a popular interior design trick. Pendant lights, due to their unique attributes and varied styles, serve as prominent aids in this quest for enhanced room stature. Diverse and classy, pendant lights are versatile decor pieces that fit into any design scheme, lending an aesthetic spin to functionality. At Querencian, we love the transformative potential of good ceiling light and have picked pendant lights as our star today.

Pendant lights: An Essential Fixture for Every Room

Pendant lights, characterized by a lone light bulb suspended on a tether from the ceiling, can easily become the focal point of any room when executed properly. Their main USP lies in the fact that they add depth and dimension to a room – a crucial factor when trying to create the illusion of a larger space.

The secret of transforming a small, cramped room into a spacious one lies in the balance between light and shadows and the interplay between them. Pendant lights are tailored for this, a masterstroke that combines the practical need for illumination with the aesthetic goal of space elongation. Explore our gorgeously diverse ceiling lights collection to find your perfect pendant.

Achieving Larger Space Illusion with Pendant Lights

Creating space is not just about using mirrors or light colors. It's also about the correct positioning and usage of lighting fixtures. From the type of pendant light you choose to where you place it – everything has a crucial role in the final illusion.

Choose Sleek, Transparent Pendant Lights

A common misconception is that small rooms should only have small decorations. However, the right large pendant light can make a room seem grander – provided the light itself is not overly ornate or heavy. Opt for sleek pendant designs with transparent or translucent shades, as bulkier ones can make the room seem cramped. They allow light to diffuse throughout, without causing any hindrance, creating a sense of openness.

Incorporate Multi-light Pendants

Adopting a multi-light pendant is another smart way to make your room appear larger. Multi-light pendants have several light bulbs branching out from a single point, allowing for a more even distribution of light. This eliminates harsh shadows that can make a room feel smaller. Try using a crystal chandelier with multiple light sources for an added touch of luxe.

Hang Pendant Lights at Different Heights

Height variation is a technique used by designers to manipulate perception. By hanging several pendant lights at different heights, it creates visual interest and depth, helping create the illusion of a larger space. Our collection of chandeliers offers options with adjustable chains for versatile placement.

Mind the Scale

While we did suggest using large pendant lights in a room, it's important to remember the law of proportion. If the pendant light is too big for the space, it can overwhelm and dwarf the room. Conversely, too small a light will look out of place. For in-depth tips on how to choose the right size, check our blog on Chandelier Size and Style Selection: A Comprehensive Guide.

The Magic of Pendant Lighting in Different Rooms

How pendant lighting can visually enlarge a room varies in different parts of your home. Interested in learning more about how to leverage pendant lighting in your space? Dive into our Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Ceiling Light.

Kitchen & Dining: Pendant lights serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Hung over a kitchen island or dining table, these lights not only illuminate the space effectively but also create an intimate dining experience.

Living Room: Adding multiple pendant lights at different heights gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, making the room look larger and more spacious.

Bedroom: Pendant lights can replace traditional table lamps, freeing up bedside table space, and adding a cool, modern aesthetic to the room.

Through our journey in Upgrading your Ceiling Light: A Journey to Illumination, you can explore fascinating ways to incorporate pendant lights into different rooms of your home.


As it stands, pendant lights are one of the best ways to create the illusion of a larger space. They are the perfect blend of function and form, offering an array of design possibilities. Lighting has the remarkable ability to transform and elevate a space, and pendant lights are a magical subset of this decor aspect. Unfold the charm of the perfect ceiling light at Querencian today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pendant lights make a room look bigger?

Yes, pendant lights equipped with the right design can make a room look bigger. By implementing certain design tricks such as choosing sleek, transparent pendant lights, varying the height at which these lights are hung, and using multi-light pendants, you can create the illusion of a larger room.

How do you make a space look bigger with lighting?

Primarily, it's about strategic planning - where you place your light sources, the type of fixtures you select, and the interplay of light and shadow in your room can contribute to the perception of space. Using multiple light sources to eliminate harsh shadows, along with strategically positioning fixtures to highlight room corners and architectural elements, can effectively enlarge a room. Pendant lights or chandeliers are especially useful in this regard due to their potential for height and depth manipulation.

What light makes a room bigger?

Light fixtures that provide widespread and evenly dispersed illumination tend to make a room appear bigger. Pendant lights are particularly effective due to their suspended nature, which helps create depth and layers in a room's lighting design. Multi-light pendants, uplighters, and well-placed floor and table lamps can also contribute to an open and spacious feel.

How big is too big for a pendant light?

There's no strict rule regarding how big a pendant light should be, as it's mainly determined by the dimensions of the room and the specific area you're trying to illuminate. It needs to be proportionate to the space, not too big to overwhelm, nor too small to get lost. Generally, pendant lights over dining tables or kitchen islands hang approximately 30-36 inches above the surface. Fixtures installed in open areas should ideally maintain a minimum clearance of about 7 feet from the floor to avoid creating a cramped feel. For detailed guidance, have a look at our blog on Chandelier Size and Style Selection: A Comprehensive Guide.

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